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Tata consultancy services interview questions & answers ( Demo )

Can you tell me about TCS?
Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery Model, recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.  A part of the Tata Group, India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has over 116,000 of the world’s best trained IT consultants in 50 countries. The company generated consolidated revenues of US $5.7 billion for fiscal year ended 31 March 2008 and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in India.
Well it was always my dream that join a company like this. I always wanted to work for a company where i could get many opportunities to learn a lot of things that could help me alround development and make flexible.
This is one of the leading organisation in this industry and one of the best in city.
I am fresher so, if ur organisation offers to start my carrer its a dream come true to me. 
What do u want to become in the next 3 years?
In next 3 years (short term goal), I want to acquire as many technical skills as possible. I want to become perfect in at least one/two technologies. I want to excel to the next level of 'Senior Programmer' / 'Module Lead' position. But my primary aim is to acquire technical skills. That is because - I believe that a (project) manager will not be respected much by his teammates unless he has good command over technology. He might be a good manager, but if he wants get more respect & get his work done, he should know the technical things in a better way. Then only, he will be in commanding position. Then only he will be able to judge the project timelines & task allocation perfectly. So I believe it is very importat to acquire technical skills in the initial stages of one's career.
In long term (6 or 7 years down the line), I will try to become a good manager. Because it's very difficult task to manage a set of people from various cultural backgrounds, various technical skills, various interests and get the work (project) done. I want to take up that challenging task.
Its very difficult to predict it right now as i dont have any real industry experience....still, i hope to have a position with some independent decision making power to utilize and explore my skills by that time.
How do you think is tcs different from Wipro and Infy(or others)?
To be honest, I am not in a position to compare these companies as I dont have enough knowledge about the internal details of these.... one thing, I am quite sure about is that TCS is one of the companies that is very good for a fresher to start with and that is enough for me to make a try for it.
How long can you work in our company without any break--1,6,8,12 hours or intire day ?
It depends upon the many things such as the nature of the work, the deadlines, the importance, the responsiblities, and not to forget my physical and mental condition on that particular day.
In your view what is an ideal job?
For me an ideal job is the one that utilizes and explores my skills and abilities to the fullest and the one I m having interest in. 
Why ur grade is so low?
The answer depends whether you are having average marks in the past or better..if, you are an average performer since the beginning then the obvious answer will be " sir, i have not been an excellent student since my childhood..initially, i could not concentrate on my studies that hard because of sports (or some other reason that suits you... education in rural areas, lack of guidance, etc.. can be a few god ones), i have got a competitive environment and i m sure to improve my grades in future.
Are you confident that you have got this job?
I m not pretty confident of being considered for the selection.
Assurance that u will not leave tcs?
To be honest, noone can assure you at any stage....though, there is a formal agreement for the first 2 years..but, it all depends upon the satisfaction and future growth of the individual who makes a decision to switch to some other thing I can assure you is that till the time I will be getting prospects for future growth, recognition, and satisfactory working condition... I wont leave it.
Why do you think u will get this job?
Well, I think I am having a sound analytical and reasoning skills. i think i m having basic technical knowledge required to enter in this industry and the last but not the least I have performed well throughout your selection process.
Market yourself.
A prospective technocrat who is having enough skills and abilities to attain great success in this field. The only thing he requires is a suitable platform to utilize his skills which offer ample learning opportunities.
What your expectation from us?
Getting an offer letter.
Your plan of professional life.
There is no long term plan as yet...since, i dont have any real experience.
Good format to say about yourself.
Try to say what you are, what you want to be in the near future, your interests, your hobbies..... dont emphasis on what you were in the past and there is no need to go deep into family details...rather it must be avoided.
All the Best For TCS 

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